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Test Coverage
# Help

Here are some tips, solutions to common problems, and guides for testing.

## Tips

### Create a Sandbox Account

Before doing any development for the Authorize.Net suite of APIs, be sure to create a 
[Sandbox Account]( with Authorize.Net. With it you can simulate 
virtually every aspect of the Authorize.Net production APIs without incurring any fees.

### Use a webhook testing site to test webhooks

Having a full understanding of what a webhook looks like makes working with webhooks easier. You can inspect an 
Authorize.Net webhook using a third party service like [](

## FAQ

Solutions to common problems when integrating the [AuthnetJSON]( library into 
your project.

### php://input is empty, POST is empty, webhook has no data
This may happen because a redirect occurred and steps were not taken to persist that data across the redirect. 
Look for redirects to HTTPS or to/from the `www` subdomain in your .htaccess or web.config file. 

### Class 'authnet\className' not found
- This may happen if you did not include the Composer autoload.php file in your project

      require __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';

## Support

If you require assistance using this library I can be found at Stack Overflow. Be sure when you
[ask a question](, pertaining to the usage of
this class to tag your question with the **PHP** and **Authorize.Net** tags. Make sure you follow their
[guide for asking a good question]( as poorly asked questions will be closed
and I will not be able to assist you.

**Do not use Stack Overflow to report bugs.** Bugs may be reported [here](

## Helpful Links

* [Authorize.Net Developer Guides](
* [Authorize.Net Testing Guide](
* [Response Codes](