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Expected 2 blank lines after class or function definition, found 1

Severity: Minor
Found in by pep8

Separate top-level function and class definitions with two blank lines.

Method definitions inside a class are separated by a single blank line.

Extra blank lines may be used (sparingly) to separate groups of related
functions.  Blank lines may be omitted between a bunch of related
one-liners (e.g. a set of dummy implementations).

Use blank lines in functions, sparingly, to indicate logical sections.

Okay: def a():\n    pass\n\n\ndef b():\n    pass
Okay: def a():\n    pass\n\n\nasync def b():\n    pass
Okay: def a():\n    pass\n\n\n# Foo\n# Bar\n\ndef b():\n    pass
Okay: default = 1\nfoo = 1
Okay: classify = 1\nfoo = 1

E301: class Foo:\n    b = 0\n    def bar():\n        pass
E302: def a():\n    pass\n\ndef b(n):\n    pass
E302: def a():\n    pass\n\nasync def b(n):\n    pass
E303: def a():\n    pass\n\n\n\ndef b(n):\n    pass
E303: def a():\n\n\n\n    pass
E304: @decorator\n\ndef a():\n    pass
E305: def a():\n    pass\na()
E306: def a():\n    def b():\n        pass\n    def c():\n        pass