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Feature: DORA Metrics

Balance Speed and Stability

DORA metrics are the first step to gaining a holistic understanding of your organization’s DevOps practices, and Velocity’s solution offers the industry’s most accurate, impactful measurements.

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Find out how to use DORA metrics to boost performance in your organization.

Stability & Speed

What are the four DORA metrics?

Gauge your team's performance with the four metrics most statistically correlated with a company’s organizational performance.

The percentage of deployed changes that cause a failure in production. Use CFR to understand if your team is striking the right balance between moving quickly and delivering high-quality code.

How long, on average, it takes to recover from a failure in production. Ensuring that your team has the right processes to detect, diagnose, and resolve issues is critical to minimizing customer downtime.

How frequently the engineering team is successfully deploying code to production. DF helps benchmark how often your team is shipping value to customers.

The time it takes to go from code committed to code successfully running in production. MLTC helps you understand the efficiency of your development process.

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Nathen Harvey DORA Webinar

Maximize Engineering Impact with DORA Metrics

Nathen Harvey, Developer Advocate at DORA and Google Cloud, shares best practices for using DORA metrics to drive change in your organization.

Drive change with DORA