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#: ../../install/wsl.rst:5
msgid "Installing Locally on Linux on Windows (WSL)"
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:7
msgid "Is this the best installation method for you?"
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:10
msgid "In most cases, we recommend doing an :ref:`internet-based installation on Heroku <install-heroku>` instead. If you decide to do a local installation, be sure to read our page on :ref:`local installations <install-local>` to help you understand what's going on, particularly this section: :ref:`install-decision`"
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:12
msgid "If you just want to quickly set up a copy of Tabbycat to run locally on Windows, consider :ref:`installing using Docker<install-docker>`, which is a shorter process than the one below."
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:14
msgid "Windows Subsystem for Linux is only available on Windows 10. If you have an older version of Windows, :ref:`install Tabbycat locally on Windows <install-windows>` instead."
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:18
msgid "Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) was taken out of beta in the `Windows 10 Fall Creators Update <>`_, which was released in October 2017. On Windows 10 computers, we now recommend this local installation method over :ref:`installing it directly on Windows <install-windows>`."
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:21
msgid "Requisite technical background"
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:23
msgid "It will help a lot if you have some experience with Linux, but mainly you need to be familiar with command-line interfaces, and you should be willing to install and work with the `Windows Subsystem for Linux <>`_. You might need to be prepared to familiarise yourself with aspects of WSL not covered in these instructions. While a background in the specific tools Tabbycat uses (Python, PostgreSQL, *etc.*) will make things easier, it's not necessary: we'll talk you through the rest."
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:27
msgid "A. Install Ubuntu on Windows"
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:29
msgid "*If you already have a Linux distribution installed on your PC, skip to* :ref:`part B <install-wsl-tabbycat>`."
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:31
msgid "First, `check that you have the Fall Creators Update (build 1709) <>`_. If you don't, update Windows."
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:33
msgid "Then, install the Windows Subsystem for Linux. For most people, this involves the following:"
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:35
msgid "Enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux feature, by finding **Turn Windows features on or off** on the Start Menu, then checking the box for **Windows Subsystem for Linux** and clicking **OK**. You'll be prompted to restart your computer to make the changes take effect."
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:39
msgid "Install Ubuntu by finding it on the Microsoft Store. For your convenience, `here's a direct link to Ubuntu on the Microsoft Store <>`_."
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:41
msgid "Launch Ubuntu and follow the instructions. You'll be prompted to create a user account for your Ubuntu system."
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:43
msgid "Some more detailed instructions, including some troubleshooting, are `available on Microsoft's website <>`_."
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:45
msgid "Advanced users"
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:48
msgid "You can, of course, use any Linux distribution that Windows supports. We just suggest Ubuntu because it's the most well-known (and the one that we use)."
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:53
msgid "B. Install Tabbycat"
msgstr ""

#: ../../install/wsl.rst:55
msgid "You now have a Linux subsystem running on your computer, so head over to the :ref:`instructions to install Tabbycat locally on Linux <install-linux>` and follow those (in full)."
msgstr ""