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    Unicorn Deployed Configuration

    This file configures Unicorn to throw up warnings and prompts when saving items that are included by Unicorn.

    This is appropriate to use in a CE environment where Unicorn items are deployed to, as it will warn careless editors to not change items controlled by Unicorn.
    Do not enable this in a development environment.
    IMPORTANT: THIS CONFIG PATCH *MUST* RUN AFTER Unicorn.UI.config, or you may receive errors in the content editor:
    "Multiple controls with the same ID 'FContentSOMEGUIDHERESOMEGUIDHERESOMEGUID' were found. FindControl requires that controls have unique IDs."
<configuration xmlns:patch="" xmlns:role="">
    <sitecore role:require="ContentManagement">
                    This processor will throw up a warning if you try to save an item that is controlled by Unicorn when it has been deployed.
                <processor patch:before="*[@type='Unicorn.UI.Pipelines.SaveUi.SerializationConflictProcessor, Unicorn']" mode="on" type="Unicorn.UI.Pipelines.SaveUi.SerializationChangeBlocker, Unicorn"/>

            <!-- Changes the text of the warning for items that are serialized by Unicorn. -->
            <setting name="Unicorn.DevMode" value="false" />