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Inflector Helper

The Inflector Helper file contains functions that permits you to change
**English** words to plural, singular, camel case, etc.

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Loading this Helper

This helper is loaded using the following code::


Available Functions

The following functions are available:

.. php:function:: singular($str)

    :param    string    $str: Input string
    :returns:    A singular word
    :rtype:    string

    Changes a plural word to singular. Example::

        echo singular('dogs'); // Prints 'dog'

.. php:function:: plural($str)

    :param    string    $str: Input string
    :returns:    A plural word
    :rtype:    string

    Changes a singular word to plural. Example::

        echo plural('dog'); // Prints 'dogs'

.. php:function:: camelize($str)

    :param    string    $str: Input string
    :returns:    Camelized string
    :rtype:    string

    Changes a string of words separated by spaces or underscores to camel
    case. Example::

        echo camelize('my_dog_spot'); // Prints 'myDogSpot'

.. php:function:: underscore($str)

    :param    string    $str: Input string
    :returns:    String containing underscores instead of spaces
    :rtype:    string

    Takes multiple words separated by spaces and underscores them.

        echo underscore('my dog spot'); // Prints 'my_dog_spot'

.. php:function:: humanize($str[, $separator = '_'])

    :param    string    $str: Input string
    :param    string    $separator: Input separator
    :returns:    Humanized string
    :rtype:    string

    Takes multiple words separated by underscores and adds spaces between
    them. Each word is capitalized.


        echo humanize('my_dog_spot'); // Prints 'My Dog Spot'

    To use dashes instead of underscores::

        echo humanize('my-dog-spot', '-'); // Prints 'My Dog Spot'

.. php:function:: word_is_countable($word)

    :param    string    $word: Input string
    :returns:    TRUE if the word is countable or FALSE if not
    :rtype:    bool

    Checks if the given word has a plural version. Example::

        word_is_countable('equipment'); // Returns FALSE

    .. note:: This function used to be called ``is_countable()`` in
        in previous CodeIgniter versions.

.. php:function:: ordinal_format($number)

    :param    int    $number: non-negative natural number to be converted
    :returns:    Ordinal numeral for given number or original value on failure
    :rtype:    string

    Returns the ordinal numeral (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) for a
    non-negative natural number. If the input is not a natural number
    greater than 0, the function will return the original value. Examples::

        echo ordinal_format(1); // Returns 1st
        echo ordinal_format(3); // Returns 3rd
        echo ordinal_format(21); // Returns 21st
        echo ordinal_format(102); // Returns 102nd
        echo ordinal_format(-5); // Invalid input, will return -5