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Test Coverage
This directory contains the "Daniel" hand drawn font.

It contains fonts in ttf format. 
    daniel.ttf   - Regular
    danielbk.ttf - Black
    danielbd.ttf - Bold

The daniel bold font had a couple of mistakes
    The backslash '\' character was drawn as a forward slash '/'.
    The µ, π, Ω, ∂, ∏ and ∑ characters mapped to unrelated characters.
    The , fi, fl were incorrectly mapped to 0xff00 though 0xff03.

I (bramp) fixed the backslash issues by just flipping the character, and removed the other invalid mappings. This original font was saved as danielbd-original.ttf.

Check out the test/font_test.html, to see all valid glyphs.

## Raphael
For Raphael the TTF fonts were then converted to cufon format, using [this site](

## Snap.svg
Snap uses normal CSS styled fonts. In this case, I used [font squirell]( to convert to daniel OTF fonts to WOFF/WOFF2 formats, which is supported across modern browsers.