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# Stratos

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Stratos is an Open Source Web-based UI (Console) for managing Cloud Foundry. It allows users and administrators to both manage applications running in the Cloud Foundry cluster and perform cluster management tasks.

![Stratos Application view](website/static/images/screenshots/app-summary.png)

Please visit our new [documentation site]( There you can discover

1. Our [introduction](, including quick start, contributing and troubleshooting guides.
1. How to [deploy]( Stratos in a number of environments.
    1. [Cloud Foundry](, as an application.
    1. [Kubernetes](, using a Helm chart.
    1. [Docker](, as a single container deploying all components.
1. Configuring advanced features such a [Single Sign On]( and Cloud Foundry '[invite to org]('.
1. Guides for [developers](
1. How to [extend]( Stratos [functionality]( and apply a custom [theme](

## Acknowledgements

Tested with Browserstack

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## License

The work done has been licensed under Apache License 2.0. The license file can be found [here](LICENSE).