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import errno
import functools
import logging
import ntpath
import os
import posixpath
import threading
from contextlib import suppress
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Callable, Optional, Tuple, Type, Union

from fsspec.spec import AbstractFileSystem
from funcy import wrap_with

from dvc_objects.fs.base import FileSystem
from dvc_objects.fs.path import Path

from .data import DataFileSystem

    from dvc.repo import Repo

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

RepoFactory = Union[Callable[[str], "Repo"], Type["Repo"]]
Key = Tuple[str, ...]

def as_posix(path: str) -> str:
    return path.replace(ntpath.sep, posixpath.sep)

# NOT the same as dvc.dvcfile.is_dvc_file()!
def _is_dvc_file(fname):
    from dvc.dvcfile import is_valid_filename
    from dvc.ignore import DvcIgnore

    return is_valid_filename(fname) or fname == DvcIgnore.DVCIGNORE_FILE

def _merge_info(repo, fs_info, dvc_info):
    from . import utils

    ret = {"repo": repo}

    if dvc_info:
        ret["dvc_info"] = dvc_info
        ret["type"] = dvc_info["type"]
        ret["size"] = dvc_info["size"]
        if not fs_info and "md5" in dvc_info:
            ret["md5"] = dvc_info["md5"]

    if fs_info:
        ret["type"] = fs_info["type"]
        ret["size"] = fs_info["size"]
        isexec = False
        if fs_info["type"] == "file":
            isexec = utils.is_exec(fs_info["mode"])
        ret["isexec"] = isexec

    return ret

def _get_dvc_path(dvc_fs, subkey):
    return dvc_fs.path.join(*subkey) if subkey else ""

class _DVCFileSystem(AbstractFileSystem):  # pylint:disable=abstract-method
    cachable = False
    root_marker = "/"

    def __init__(
        url: Optional[str] = None,
        rev: Optional[str] = None,
        repo: Optional["Repo"] = None,
        subrepos: bool = False,
        repo_factory: Optional[RepoFactory] = None,
        **repo_kwargs: Any,
    ) -> None:
        """DVC + git-tracked files fs.

            path (str, optional): URL or path to a DVC/Git repository.
                Defaults to a DVC repository in the current working directory.
                Both HTTP and SSH protocols are supported for remote Git repos
                (e.g. [user@]server:project.git).
            rev (str, optional): Any Git revision such as a branch or tag name,
                a commit hash or a dvc experiment name.
                Defaults to the default branch in case of remote repositories.
                In case of a local repository, if rev is unspecified, it will
                default to the working directory.
                If the repo is not a Git repo, this option is ignored.
            repo (:obj:`Repo`, optional): `Repo` instance.
            subrepos (bool): traverse to subrepos.
                By default, it ignores subrepos.
            repo_factory (callable): A function to initialize subrepo with.
                The default is `Repo`.

            - Opening a filesystem from repo in current working directory

            >>> fs = DVCFileSystem()

            - Opening a filesystem from local repository

            >>> fs = DVCFileSystem("path/to/local/repository")

            - Opening a remote repository

            >>> fs = DVCFileSystem(
            ...    "",
            ...    rev="main",
            ... )
        from pygtrie import Trie

        if repo is None:
            repo = self._make_repo(
                url=url, rev=rev, subrepos=subrepos, **repo_kwargs
            assert repo
            # pylint: disable=protected-access
            repo_factory = repo._fs_conf["repo_factory"]

        if not repo_factory:
            from dvc.repo import Repo

            self.repo_factory: RepoFactory = Repo
            self.repo_factory = repo_factory

        def _getcwd():
            relparts = ()
            if repo.fs.path.isin(repo.fs.path.getcwd(), repo.root_dir):
                relparts = repo.fs.path.relparts(
                    repo.fs.path.getcwd(), repo.root_dir
            return self.root_marker + self.sep.join(relparts)

        self.path = Path(self.sep, getcwd=_getcwd)
        self.repo = repo
        self.hash_jobs = repo.fs.hash_jobs
        self._traverse_subrepos = subrepos

        self._subrepos_trie = Trie()
        """Keeps track of each and every path with the corresponding repo."""

        key = self._get_key(self.repo.root_dir)
        self._subrepos_trie[key] = repo

        self._datafss = {}
        """Keep a datafs instance of each repo."""

        if hasattr(repo, "dvc_dir"):
            self._datafss[key] = DataFileSystem(["repo"])

    def _get_key(self, path) -> Key:
        parts = self.repo.fs.path.relparts(path, self.repo.root_dir)
        if parts == (os.curdir,):
            return ()
        return parts

    def _get_key_from_relative(self, path) -> Key:
        parts = self.path.relparts(path, self.root_marker)
        if parts and parts[0] == os.curdir:
            return parts[1:]
        return parts

    def _from_key(self, parts: Key) -> str:
        return self.repo.fs.path.join(self.repo.root_dir, *parts)

    def repo_url(self):
        if self.repo is None:
            return None
        return self.repo.url

    def _make_repo(cls, **kwargs) -> "Repo":
        from dvc.repo import Repo

        with, **kwargs) as repo:
            return repo

    def _get_repo(self, key: Key) -> "Repo":
        """Returns repo that the path falls in, using prefix.

        If the path is already tracked/collected, it just returns the repo.

        Otherwise, it collects the repos that might be in the path's parents
        and then returns the appropriate one.
        repo = self._subrepos_trie.get(key)
        if repo:
            return repo

        prefix_key, repo = self._subrepos_trie.longest_prefix(key)
        dir_keys = (key[:i] for i in range(len(prefix_key) + 1, len(key) + 1))
        self._update(dir_keys, starting_repo=repo)
        return self._subrepos_trie.get(key) or self.repo

    def _update(self, dir_keys, starting_repo):
        """Checks for subrepo in directories and updates them."""
        repo = starting_repo
        for key in dir_keys:
            d = self._from_key(key)
            if self._is_dvc_repo(d):
                repo = self.repo_factory(
                self._datafss[key] = DataFileSystem(
            self._subrepos_trie[key] = repo

    def _is_dvc_repo(self, dir_path):
        """Check if the directory is a dvc repo."""
        if not self._traverse_subrepos:
            return False

        from dvc.repo import Repo

        repo_path = self.repo.fs.path.join(dir_path, Repo.DVC_DIR)
        return self.repo.fs.isdir(repo_path)

    def _get_subrepo_info(
        self, key: Key
    ) -> Tuple["Repo", Optional[DataFileSystem], Key]:
        Returns information about the subrepo the key is part of.
        repo = self._get_repo(key)
        repo_key: Key
        if repo is self.repo:
            repo_key = ()
            subkey = key
            repo_key = self._get_key(repo.root_dir)
            subkey = key[len(repo_key) :]

        dvc_fs = self._datafss.get(repo_key)
        return repo, dvc_fs, subkey

    def _open(
        self, path, mode="rb", **kwargs
    ):  # pylint: disable=arguments-renamed, arguments-differ
        if mode != "rb":
            raise OSError(errno.EROFS, os.strerror(errno.EROFS))

        key = self._get_key_from_relative(path)
        fs_path = self._from_key(key)
            return, mode=mode)
        except FileNotFoundError:
            _, dvc_fs, subkey = self._get_subrepo_info(key)
            if not dvc_fs:

        dvc_path = _get_dvc_path(dvc_fs, subkey)
        return, mode=mode)

    def isdvc(self, path, **kwargs) -> bool:
        """Is this entry dvc-tracked?"""
        key = self._get_key_from_relative(path)
        _, dvc_fs, subkey = self._get_subrepo_info(key)
        dvc_path = _get_dvc_path(dvc_fs, subkey)
        return dvc_fs is not None and dvc_fs.isdvc(dvc_path, **kwargs)

    def ls(  # pylint: disable=arguments-differ
        self, path, detail=True, dvc_only=False, **kwargs
        key = self._get_key_from_relative(path)
        repo, dvc_fs, subkey = self._get_subrepo_info(key)

        dvc_infos = {}
        if dvc_fs:
            with suppress(FileNotFoundError):
                dvc_path = _get_dvc_path(dvc_fs, subkey)
                for info in, detail=True):
                    dvc_infos[["name"])] = info

        fs_infos = {}
        ignore_subrepos = kwargs.get("ignore_subrepos", True)
        if not dvc_only:
            fs = self.repo.fs
            fs_path = self._from_key(key)
                for info in
                    fs, fs_path, detail=True, ignore_subrepos=ignore_subrepos
                    fs_infos[["name"])] = info
            except (FileNotFoundError, NotADirectoryError):

        dvcfiles = kwargs.get("dvcfiles", False)

        infos = []
        paths = []
        names = set(dvc_infos.keys()) | set(fs_infos.keys())
        for name in names:
            if not dvcfiles and _is_dvc_file(name):

            entry_path = self.path.join(path, name)
            info = _merge_info(repo, fs_infos.get(name), dvc_infos.get(name))
            info["name"] = entry_path

        if not detail:
            return paths

        return infos

    def info(self, path, **kwargs):
        key = self._get_key_from_relative(path)
        ignore_subrepos = kwargs.get("ignore_subrepos", True)
        return self._info(key, path, ignore_subrepos=ignore_subrepos)

    def _info(  # noqa: C901
        self, key, path, ignore_subrepos=True, check_ignored=True
        repo, dvc_fs, subkey = self._get_subrepo_info(key)

        dvc_info = None
        if dvc_fs:
                dvc_info =
                dvc_path = _get_dvc_path(dvc_fs, subkey)
                dvc_info["name"] = dvc_path
            except FileNotFoundError:

        fs_info = None
        fs = self.repo.fs
        fs_path = self._from_key(key)
            fs_info =
            if check_ignored and repo.dvcignore.is_ignored(
                fs, fs_path, ignore_subrepos=ignore_subrepos
                fs_info = None
        except (FileNotFoundError, NotADirectoryError):
            if not dvc_info:

        # NOTE: if some parent in fs_path turns out to be a file, it means
        # that the whole repofs branch doesn't exist.
        if dvc_info and not fs_info:
            for parent in fs.path.parents(fs_path):
                    if["type"] != "directory":
                        dvc_info = None
                except FileNotFoundError:

        if not dvc_info and not fs_info:
            raise FileNotFoundError

        info = _merge_info(repo, fs_info, dvc_info)
        info["name"] = path
        return info

class DVCFileSystem(FileSystem):
    protocol = "local"
    PARAM_CHECKSUM = "md5"

    def _prepare_credentials(self, **config):
        return config

    def fs(self):  # pylint: disable=invalid-overridden-method
        return _DVCFileSystem(**self.fs_args)

    def isdvc(self, path, **kwargs):
        return self.fs.isdvc(path, **kwargs)

    def path(self):  # pylint: disable=invalid-overridden-method
        return self.fs.path

    def repo(self):
        return self.fs.repo

    def repo_url(self):
        return self.fs.repo_url

    def from_os_path(self, path):
        if os.path.isabs(path):
            path = os.path.relpath(path, self.repo.root_dir)

        return as_posix(path)