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h1. PowerDNS on Rails TODO

Simple list of things to do by version. This is not authorative, the real list will be maintained at the LightHouse tracker.

h2. Not Started / In Progress

* Multiple users (admins or owners)
  (remove roles model and persist roles in users table)
* Solid models and model specs
* Documentation (becoming urgent)
* Configuration samples for powerdns
* Basic API client
* DNS Insights
* API improvements
* Deployment instructions directly from GitHub
  * mod_passenger installation
  * simple git clone and future git pull's
* Import scripts for standard zone files and PowerDNS
* Flexible model support?
* Statistics (import pdns logs)

h2. Completed

* Github project page
* Configurable macros
* Basic database structure
* Zone/Record Templates
* Authentication tokens for one-time access
* User management