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The [Yii 2 PHP Framework]( wrapper which provides out of the box functions like an **administration interface**, a beautiful looking **content management system**, **payment** modules, **agency workflows** and other tools to develop your website pretty fast!

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## Installation

We have a made an absolut easy to understand *STEP-BY-STEP* Guide to install LUYA:

+ [How to install](
+ [Video Tutorials](

Other helpfull informations:

+ [Read in the Guide](
+ [Checkout the API documentation](
+ [Changelog](core/
+ [Version upgrade Breaks](core/

## Questions and Problems

If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to find support in the following channels.

+ [Issues on GitHub](
+ [Join the Forum](

## Bug Report

When reporting bugs, it is important to understand where to create the issue. The most common modules are:

+ [Core]( The core library, which extends the Yii Framework.
+ [CMS]( The Content Management System Admin and Frontend. Working with Blocks, render CMS Pages, etc.
+ [Admin]( The admin UI itself, including all CRUD operations belongs to this module.

#### Contribution

We are always looking for people who share their thoughts, code and problems with us. Below the links to the contribution guides:

[Help us building LUYA](

#### Unit Test

1. Create Database (example luya_env_phpunit)
2. Insert Database dump from `tests/data/sql/1.0.0.sql`
3. Rename `phpunit.xml.dist` to `phpunit.xml`
4. Change dsn, username and password in `phpunit.xml`
5. Ensure you have installed current composer packages `composer install` with dev packages.
6. Execute the phpunit bin file `./vendor/bin/phpunit`.

#### Karma tests (JS)

1. Run `yarn install`
2. Run `yarn test` (for single run) or `yarn dev` to work on the tests

#### Shield