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## Wordpress SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY

SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY - helps you find the right keywords to rank by, in less then 2 minutes, and checks your on-page SEO in real time


 * <strong>Keyword research:</strong> finds the perfect keywords for your articles and analyzes them for you.

 * <strong>SEO Live Assistant:</strong> Checks your SEO on each article or page in real time. Before you click the Post button, you know if your article is  optimized 100% or not.

 * <strong>Inspiration box:</strong> pulls images, tweets, wikis and blogs, so that you can inspire yourself very fast on what to write in your article.

 * <strong>Read industry-related blogs straight from your wordpress</strong>. The KeenSkim filter that we use will mark the relevant content so that you can reduce 60% of your reading time and start writing your next great article.

 * Besides excellence in SEO delivered to your Wordpress through our software, <strong>we strive to offer excellence in Customer Service</strong>. We were featured on the <a title="Squirrly SEO in Delivering Happiness" href="http://www.deliveringhappiness.com/everyday-happiness-florin-squirrly-and-how-theyre-making-happy-work/" target="_blank">Delivering Happiness Blog</a> for this.

 * Our software is <strong>always up-to-date</strong> with the latest in terms of search engine optimization, and we improve the product for you on a weekly basis.

You will always get the latest in terms of search engine optimization developments. We've made a monthly pricing plan so that you will always get the latest updates related to search engines, stress-free.

Your blogging will become 230% more effective in terms of time it takes to rank articles (by continued use) and with long-lasting effects  and your experience with SEO much easier, since a team of 5 people work full time on delivering you the best in terms of SEO and Content Marketing.

Also, our wish is to provide you with the best customer service, and while our software offers you excellent SEO on every single article you write, our team is here to offer you excellence in Customer Service.

If Squirrly makes you happy, and if this makes sense to you, then please upgrade to PRO.

Squirrly Seo has a Trial period of 14 Days, after which you may choose to buy a monthly subscription or keep using Squirrly for Free and be able to optimize 2 articles / month. (<a href="http://www.florins.co/3_reasons_why_a_subscription_based_payment_keeps_you_safe_and_happy-pag397-article_id62026.html" title="Squirrly SEO" target="_blank">Why a subscription based payment</a>)

We're glad to have you

## Credits
* Florin Muresan CEO at Squirrly
* Calin Vingan CTO at Squirrly

And 4 Great collaborators:

* Lucian - core php programmer
* Andreea - creative marketing intern
* Bogdan - stylish designer
* Cristina  - Squirrly mascot designer