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Test Coverage
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: squirrly-seo\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2013-07-18 05:42+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2013-07-18 05:42+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: \n"
"Language-Team: Squirrly UK <support@squirrly.co>\n"
"Language: en\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 1.5.5\n"
"X-Poedit-KeywordsList: __;_e\n"
"X-Poedit-Basepath: d:\\pagini_net\\se_lucreaza\\squirrly\\wordpress\\wp-"
"X-Poedit-SourceCharset: UTF-8\n"
"X-Poedit-SearchPath-0: .\n"

#: squirrly.php:45
msgid ""
"For Squirrly to work, the PHP version has to be equal or greater then 5.1"
msgstr ""
"La version de votre PHP doit être égale ou supérieure à 5.1, pour assurer le "
"propre fonctionnement de Squirrly"

#: classes/SQ_Error.php:20
msgid ""
"Function get_class does not exists! Is required for Squirrly to work "
msgstr ""
"La fonction get_class n’existe pas! Elle est requise pour que Squirrly "
"fonctionne proprement."

#: classes/SQ_Error.php:23
msgid ""
"Function file_exists does not exists! Is required for Squirrly to work "
msgstr ""
"La fonction file_exists n’existe pas! Elle est requise pour que Squirrly "
"fonctionne proprement."

#: classes/SQ_Error.php:27
msgid "The home directory is not set!"
msgstr "Le répertoire de base n'est pas définie!"

#: classes/SQ_Error.php:31
msgid "The PHP version has to be greater then 4.0"
msgstr "La version de PHP doit être supérieure à 4.0"

#: classes/SQ_Error.php:69
msgid "Turn off warnings!"
msgstr "Désactiver les avertissements!"

#: classes/SQ_Error.php:70
msgid "Notice: "
msgstr "Notification:"

#: classes/SQ_Error.php:74
msgid "Note: "
msgstr "Note:"

#: classes/SQ_Tools.php:107 controllers/SQ_Menu.php:35
msgid "Getting started"
msgstr "Démarrage"

#: classes/SQ_Tools.php:450
msgid "Fix it for me!"
msgstr "Aidez-moi!"

#: classes/SQ_Tools.php:456
msgid "Let Squirrly optimize your SEO automatically (recommended)"
msgstr ""
"Laissez Squirrly automatiquement optimiser votre référencement (SEO) "

#: classes/SQ_Tools.php:464
msgid "You're blocking google from indexing your site!"
msgstr "Vous empêchez Google d'indexer votre site!"

#: classes/SQ_Tools.php:470
msgid ""
"It is highly recommended that you include the %postname% variable in the "
"permalink structure. <br />Go to Settings > Permalinks and add /%postname%/ "
"in Custom Structure"
msgstr ""
"Il est fortement recommandé d'inclure le variable %postname% dans la "
"structure permalien. <br /> Aller dans Réglages> Permaliens et ajouter  /"
"%postname%/ dans la structure personnalisée"

#: controllers/SQ_Menu.php:34
msgid " getting started"
msgstr "démarrage"

#: controllers/SQ_Menu.php:43
msgid " dashboard"
msgstr "tableau de bord"

#: controllers/SQ_Menu.php:44
msgid "Dashboard"
msgstr "Tableau de bord"

#: controllers/SQ_Menu.php:51
msgid " settings"
msgstr "réglages"

#: controllers/SQ_Menu.php:52
msgid "Settings"
msgstr "Réglages"

#: controllers/SQ_Menu.php:59
msgid "Make money with "
msgstr "Gagnez de l'argent avec"

#: controllers/SQ_Menu.php:60
msgid "Make money"
msgstr "Gagnez de l'argent"

#: controllers/SQ_Menu.php:79
msgid "Squirrly Article Rank"
msgstr "Classement d’articles Squirrly"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:97
msgid "Squirrly"
msgstr "Squirrly"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:134
msgid "Custom description: "
msgstr "Description personnalisée:"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:134
msgid "Custom title: "
msgstr "Titre personnalisé:"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:157
msgid "Squirrly article rank"
msgstr "Classement d’articles Squirrly"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:158 core/SQ_Blockseo/SQ_Blockseo.php:21
msgid "Update"
msgstr "Mise à jour"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:159
msgid "More details"
msgstr "Plus de détails"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:160
msgid "Less details"
msgstr "Moins de détails"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:161
msgid "Interval: "
msgstr "Intervalle:"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:162 models/SQ_PostsList.php:30
msgid "Latest"
msgstr "Dernier"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:163 models/SQ_PostsList.php:31
msgid "Last 7 days"
msgstr "7 derniers jours"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:164 models/SQ_PostsList.php:32
msgid "Last 30 days"
msgstr "30 derniers jours"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:166
msgid "See it in 'All Posts'"
msgstr "Voir dans « Tous les postes »"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:167
msgid "progress"
msgstr "progression"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:168
msgid "optimized"
msgstr "optimisé"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:169
msgid "See rank"
msgstr "Voir le classement"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:170
msgid "Hide rank"
msgstr "Cacher le classement"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:171
msgid "Optimize"
msgstr "Optimiser"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:173
msgid "Not Public"
msgstr "Non publique"

#: controllers/SQ_PostsList.php:277 core/SQ_Blockrank/SQ_Blockrank.php:32
msgid "Publish the article to start Squirrly Article Rank"
msgstr "Publier l'article pour démarrer le Classement d’articles Squirrly"

#: core/SQ_BlockAffiliate/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:33
#, php-format
msgid "Error: %s"
msgstr "Erreur: %s"

#: core/SQ_BlockAffiliate/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:36
#: core/SQ_Blocklogin/SQ_Blocklogin.php:85
msgid "An error occured. Mabe a network error :("
msgstr "Une erreur s'est produite. Probablement une erreur de réseau: ("

#: core/SQ_Blocklogin/SQ_Blocklogin.php:80
#, php-format
msgid ""
"We found your email, so it means you already have a Squirrly.co account. "
"Please login with your Squirrly Email. If you forgot your password click "
msgstr ""
"Nous avons trouvé votre courriel, ce qui signifie que vous avez déjà un "
"compte Squirrly.co . S'il vous plaît connectez-vous avec votre courriel "
"Squirrly. Si vous avez oublié votre mot de passe cliquez sur %shere%s"

#: core/SQ_Blocklogin/SQ_Blocklogin.php:88
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Could not send your informations to squirrly. Please register %smanually%s."
msgstr ""
"Impossible d'envoyer vos informations à squirrly. S'il vous plaît inscrivez-"
"vous %smanually%s."

#: core/SQ_Blocklogin/SQ_Blocklogin.php:129
msgid "Wrong email or password!"
msgstr "Courriel ou mot de passe erroné!"

#: core/SQ_Blocklogin/SQ_Blocklogin.php:132
msgid "You can use this account only for the URL you registered first!"
msgstr ""
"Vous pouvez utiliser ce compte uniquement avec l'URL que vous avez "
"enregistré en premier lieu"

#: core/SQ_Blocklogin/SQ_Blocklogin.php:137
msgid "An error occured."
msgstr "Une erreur s'est produite."

#: core/SQ_Blocklogin/SQ_Blocklogin.php:139
msgid "Both fields are required."
msgstr "Les deux champs sont obligatoires."

#: core/SQ_Blockresearch/SQ_Blockresearch.php:12
msgid "Recent discussions:"
msgstr "Discussions récentes:"

#: core/SQ_Blockresearch/SQ_Blockresearch.php:12
msgid "Exact search:"
msgstr "Recherche exacte:"

#: core/SQ_Blockresearch/SQ_Blockresearch.php:12
msgid "Competition:"
msgstr "Concurrence:"

#: core/SQ_Blockresearch/SQ_Blockresearch.php:12
msgid "Trend:"
msgstr "Tendance:"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "date"
msgstr "date"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "Read it!"
msgstr "Lisez-le!"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "Insert it!"
msgstr "Insérez-le!"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "Reference"
msgstr "Référence"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "Insert as box"
msgstr "Insérer en tant que case"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "Not relevant?"
msgstr "Non pertinent?"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "Insert in your article"
msgstr "Insérez dans votre article"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "For Squirrly to work, you have to have tinymce editor installed!"
msgstr ""
"Pour que Squirrly fonctionne proprement, vous devez installer « tinymce "
"editor »!"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid ":( I lost my squirrel. Please reload the page."
msgstr ":( J'ai perdu mon écureuil. S'il vous plaît recharger la page."

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "No results found!"
msgstr "Aucun résultat trouvé!"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "Switch to Visual editor!"
msgstr "Passer à l'éditeur visuel !"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "Use more words in one keyword"
msgstr "Utilisez plus de mots dans un mot-clé"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "Takes too long to check this keyword ..."
msgstr "La vérification de ce mot-clé dure trop longtemps..."

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "Do a research!"
msgstr "Faire une recherche!"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "Do more research!"
msgstr "Faire plus de recherche!"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
#, php-format
msgid "[ ATTRIBUTE: Please check: %s to find out how to attribute this image ]"
msgstr ""
"[ATTRIBUT: S'il vous plaît verifier:%s pour savoir comment attribuer cette "

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "Has creative commons attributes"
msgstr "Possède des attributs « creative commons »"

#: core/SQ_Blocksearch/SQ_Blocksearch.php:51
msgid "No known copyright restrictions"
msgstr "Pas de restrictions de copyright connues"

#: core/SQ_Blockseo/SQ_Blockseo.php:11
msgid "Save changes"
msgstr "Enregistrer les modifications"

#: core/SQ_Blockseo/SQ_Blockseo.php:12
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Annuler"

#: core/SQ_Blockseo/SQ_Blockseo.php:13
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "Réinitialiser"

#: core/SQ_Blockseo/SQ_Blockseo.php:15
msgid "Customize Title"
msgstr "Personnaliser le Titre"

#: core/SQ_Blockseo/SQ_Blockseo.php:16
msgid "manage keywords"
msgstr "Gérer les mots clés"

#: core/SQ_Blockseo/SQ_Blockseo.php:17 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:338
msgid "Too short"
msgstr "Trop court"

#: core/SQ_Blockseo/SQ_Blockseo.php:18 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:339
msgid "Too long"
msgstr "Trop long"

#: core/SQ_Blockseo/SQ_Blockseo.php:20 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:214
msgid "Squirrly Snippet"
msgstr "Extrait (snippet) de Squirrly"

#: core/SQ_Blockseo/SQ_Blockseo.php:22
msgid ""
"Click the Update button (to the right) to see the snippet from your website."
msgstr ""
"Cliquez sur \"Mettre à jour\" (à droite) pour voir un aperçue de votre site "

#: core/SQ_Blockseo/SQ_Blockseo.php:23
msgid "Enter a title above for the snippet to get data."
msgstr ""
"Saisissez un titre ci-dessus afin de transmettre les données à l'extrait."

#: core/SQ_BlockSupport/SQ_BlockSupport.php:21
msgid "Plugin Feedback"
msgstr "Plugin des commentaires"

#: core/SQ_BlockSupport/SQ_BlockSupport.php:57
msgid "Thank you for your feedback"
msgstr "Nous vous remercions de vos commentaires"

#: core/SQ_BlockSupport/SQ_BlockSupport.php:59
#: core/SQ_BlockSupport/SQ_BlockSupport.php:94
msgid "Could not send the email..."
msgstr "Impossible d'envoyer le courriel..."

#: core/SQ_BlockSupport/SQ_BlockSupport.php:62
#: core/SQ_BlockSupport/SQ_BlockSupport.php:97
msgid "No message."
msgstr "Aucun message."

#: core/SQ_BlockSupport/SQ_BlockSupport.php:81
msgid "Plugin Support"
msgstr "Support des plugins"

#: core/SQ_BlockSupport/SQ_BlockSupport.php:92
msgid "Message sent..."
msgstr "Message envoyé..."

#: core/SQ_Loading/SQ_Loading.php:23
msgid ""
"For Squirrly to work properly you have to use a higher version of Internet "
"Explorer. <br /> We recommend you to use Chrome or Mozilla."
msgstr ""
"Afin que Squirrly fonctionne correctement, vous devez utiliser une version "
"plus récente d'Internet Explorer. <br /> Nous vous recommandons d'utiliser "
"Chrome ou Mozilla."

#: core/SQ_Loading/SQ_Loading.php:30
msgid ""
"You haven`t used Squirrly SEO to optimize your article. Do you want to "
"optimize for a keyword before publishing?"
msgstr ""
"Vous n’avez pas utilisé Squirrly SEO pour optimiser votre article. Souhaitez-"
"vous optimiser le référencement d’un mot clé avant de publier?"

#: models/SQ_BlockStatus.php:122
#, php-format
msgid "%s More Traffic for you!"
msgstr ""

#: models/SQ_BlockStatus.php:122
msgid "[close this box]"
msgstr ""

#: models/SQ_BlockStatus.php:127
msgstr ""

#: models/SQ_BlockStatus.php:130
msgid "Your Traffic Increased by:"
msgstr ""

#: models/SQ_BlockStatus.php:135
#, php-format
msgid ""
"the articles you’ve optimized with Squirrly SEO bring you %s more traffic "
"than the other ones."
msgstr ""

#: models/SQ_Menu.php:139
msgid "The code for Google Webmaster Tool is incorrect."
msgstr "Le code de « Google Webmaster Tool » est erroné."

#: models/SQ_Menu.php:166
msgid "The code for Google Analytics is incorrect."
msgstr "Le code de « Google Analytics » est erroné."

#: models/SQ_Menu.php:194
msgid "The code for Facebook is incorrect."
msgstr "Le code de « Facebook » est erroné"

#: models/SQ_Menu.php:219
msgid "The code for Bing is incorrect."
msgstr "Le code de « Bing » est erroné"

#: models/SQ_Menu.php:252
msgid "File type error: Only JPEG, JPG, GIF or PNG files are allowed."
msgstr ""
"Erreur de type de fichier: Seuls les fichiers JPEG, JPG, GIF ou PNG sont "

#: models/SQ_Menu.php:265
msgid "GD error: The GD library must be installed on your server."
msgstr ""
"Erreur de GD: La bibliothèque GD doit être installée sur votre serveur."

#: models/SQ_Menu.php:272
msgid "Delete error: Could not delete the old favicon."
msgstr "Erreur de suppression: Impossible de supprimer l'ancien favicon."

#: models/SQ_Menu.php:279
msgid "Upload error: Could not upload the favicon."
msgstr "Erreur de mise à jour : Impossible de mettre à jour le favicon."

#: models/SQ_Menu.php:285
msgid "Permission error: Could not change the favicon permissions."
msgstr ""
"Erreur de permission : Impossible de changer les permissions de favicon"

#: models/SQ_Menu.php:311
msgid ""
"ICO Error: Could not create the ICO from file. Try with another file type."
msgstr ""
"Erreur d’ICO: Impossible de créer l'ICO depuis ce fichier. Essayez avec un "
"autre type de fichier."

#: models/SQ_Menu.php:314
msgid "The favicon has been updated."
msgstr "Le favicon a été mis à jour."

#: models/SQ_Post.php:71
msgid "Squirrly could not find any results for: "
msgstr "Squirrly n'a trouver aucun résultat pour:"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:29
msgid "This article"
msgstr "Cet article"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:29
msgid "All your articles"
msgstr "Tous vos articles"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:69
msgid "Optimize this article to start Squirrly Article Rank"
msgstr "Optimiser cet article pour démarrer le Classement d’articles Squirrly"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:111
msgid "There are no information for this post yet."
msgstr "Pour l’instant il n'y a aucune information pour ce poste."

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:129 models/SQ_PostsList.php:247
msgid "Traffic to article"
msgstr "Trafic de l'article"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:130
msgid "Social impact"
msgstr "Impact social"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:131
msgid "Links to article"
msgstr "Liens vers l’article"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:193
msgid "Google Indexed"
msgstr "Indexées par Google:"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:198
msgid "pos"
msgstr "pos"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:198 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:21
#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:40 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:57
#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:74 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:91
#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:108 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:125
#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:152 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:169
#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:237 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:248
#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:259 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:270
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Oui"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:198 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:23
#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:42 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:59
#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:76 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:93
#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:110 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:127
#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:154 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:171
#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:239 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:250
#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:261 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:272
msgid "No"
msgstr "Non"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:198
msgid "for:"
msgstr "pour:"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:198
msgid "(searched with the url)"
msgstr "(recherché avec l'url)"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:218
msgid "This article|Average"
msgstr "Cet article | moyenne"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:254
msgid "Visits"
msgstr "Visites"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:257
msgid "Unique"
msgstr "Uniques"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:369
msgid "Google result for: "
msgstr "Résultats de Google pour:"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:402
msgid "Change"
msgstr "Changer"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:402
msgid "since"
msgstr "depuis"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:403 models/SQ_PostsList.php:478
msgid "Current position"
msgstr "Position actuelle"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:437
msgid "Recommended by Squirrly"
msgstr "Recommandé par Squirrly"

#: models/SQ_PostsList.php:477
msgid "Keyword"
msgstr "Mots-clés"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:4
#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:14
msgid "Join Squirrly today!"
msgstr "Rejoignez Squirrly aujourd'hui!"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:21
msgid ""
"To redirect users to your site, just change \"squirrly.co\" with your domain."
msgstr ""
"Pour rediriger les utilisateurs vers votre site, il suffit de changer "
"\"squirrly.co\" avec votre nom de domaine"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:23
msgid "Generate affiliate link"
msgstr "Générer un lien d'affiliation"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:28
msgid "Affiliate Benefits"
msgstr "Avantages d'affiliation"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:33
#, php-format
msgid "- Recurring 45%s commission"
msgstr "- Commission récurrente de 45%s"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:38
msgid "- No cost"
msgstr "- Aucun coût"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:43
msgid "- Monthly payments in your Paypal account"
msgstr "- Paiements mensuels dans votre compte Paypal"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:50
msgid ""
"Your affiliate account is set and ready to go. Above you have the affiliate "
"link. "
msgstr ""
"Votre compte affilié est réglé et prêt à aller. Ci-dessus vous avez le lien "

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:52
#, php-format
msgid "Check your affiliate page: %sAffiliate page%s"
msgstr "Vérifiez votre page d'affiliation: %sAffiliate page%s"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:54
#, php-format
msgid "%sTerms of Use for our Affiliate Program%s"
msgstr "%sConditions d'utilisation de notre programme d'affiliation%s"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:58
msgid ""
"After you connect to Squirrly you can begin to use your free Squirrly "
"affiliate link immediately!"
msgstr ""
"Une fois connecté à Squirrly vous pourrez librement et immédiatement "
"commencer à utiliser votre lien d'affiliation Squirrly !"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:66
msgid "Squirrly banners you can use"
msgstr "Bannières Squirrly que vous pouvez utiliser"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:87
#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:54 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:4
#, fuzzy
msgid "Optimize with Squirrly"
msgstr "Ecrire un nouveau message avec Squirrly"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:88
msgid "See dashboard"
msgstr "Voir le tableau de bord"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockAffiliate.php:89
#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:55
msgid "Go to settings"
msgstr "Aller aux réglages"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:5
msgid "Squirrly dashboard"
msgstr "Squirrly tableau de bord"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:8
msgid "User level"
msgstr "Niveau de l'utilisateur"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:12
msgid "Beginner"
msgstr "Débutant"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:14
msgid "Advanced"
msgstr "Avancé"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:18
msgid "Select Advanced only if you have SEO knowledge."
msgstr ""
"Ne sélectionnez avancé que si vous avez des connaissances en SEO "
"(optimisation du référencement par les moteurs de recherche)."

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:21
msgid "What does the Beginner option bring you:"
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:23
msgid ""
"Squirrly <strong>finds the optimum Title and Description</strong> for each "
"page of your blog but you can still customize the home page Title and "
"Description if you want."
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:24
msgid ""
"Squirrly <strong>manages the sitemap</strong> for your blog and pings it to "
"Google and Bing every time you add a new article. This ensures that your "
"articles get indexed much faster."
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:25
msgid ""
"Squirrly <strong>adds the Facebook required meta</strong>, so that when your "
"readers share your page or article, it looks really good."
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:26
msgid ""
"You can connect your site with your <strong>Google Plus</strong> and "
"<strong>Google Analytics</strong> accounts."
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:27
msgid ""
"You can add the site icon (also known as favicon) and Squirrly will set it "
"up to look good for <strong>Apple devices</strong>."
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:32
msgid "What does the Advanced option bring you:"
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:34
msgid "More <strong>SEO options</strong> are available on the Settings page."
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:35
msgid ""
"You can connect your site with <strong>Google Webmaster Tools</strong>, "
"<strong>Bing Webmaster Tools</strong> and <strong>Facebook Insights</strong>."
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:36
msgid ""
"You can see the <strong>Snippet</strong> when you edit your Post or Page."
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockDashboard.php:37
msgid ""
"You can <strong>customize the Title and Description</strong> of each Post/"
"Page from within the snippet."
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockHelp.php:10
msgid ""
"With Squirrly SEO, your Wordpress will get Excellent SEO on each article you "
msgstr ""
"Avec l’optimisation du référencement Squirrly, votre Wordpress aura un "
"excellent SEO (référencement) sur chaque article que vous écrivez."

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockHelp.php:12
msgid "SEO Software"
msgstr "Logiciel SEO"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockHelp.php:12
msgid ""
"delivered as a plugin for Wordpress. <br /><br />We connect your wordpress "
"with Squirrly, so that we can find the best SEO opportunities, give you "
"reports and analyse your competitors."
msgstr ""
"livré en tant que plugin pour Wordpress. <br /> <br /> Votre wordpress sera "
"connecté avec Squirrly, afin que on puisse trouver les meilleures "
"opportunités de référencement, vous donner des rapports et d'analyser vos "

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockHelp.php:20
msgid "Don't show this page"
msgstr "Ne plus afficher cette page"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockHelp.php:21
msgid "<< START HERE >>"
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:2
msgid "Squirrly.co Login"
msgstr "Connexion Squirrly.co"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:9
msgid "Email:"
msgstr "Email:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:10
msgid "Password:"
msgstr "Mot de passe:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:11
msgid "Login"
msgstr "Connexion"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:12
msgid "Register"
msgstr "S'enregistrer"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:12
msgid "Register to Squirrly.co"
msgstr "S'enregistrer sur Squirrly.co"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:13
msgid "Lost password?"
msgstr "Mot de passe perdu?"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:13
msgid "Lost password"
msgstr "Mot de passé perdu"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:17
msgid "Enter your email"
msgstr "Entrez votre courriel"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:18
msgid "Your E-mail:"
msgstr "Votre E-mail:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:19
msgid "Sign Up"
msgstr "Inscrivez-vous"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:20
msgid "I already have an account"
msgstr "Je possède déjà un compte"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:21
msgid "This email connects you to Squirrly.co"
msgstr "Ce courriel vous connecte à Squirrly.co"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:30
msgid "The email address is invalid!"
msgstr "L'adresse courriel n'est pas valide!"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:31
msgid "Click on Sign Up button and try again ..."
msgstr "Cliquez sur le bouton s’enregistrer et réessayez ..."

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:32
msgid "An error occured while logging in!"
msgstr "Une erreur s'est produite lors de la connexion!"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:33
msgid "Connecting ..."
msgstr "Connexion ..."

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:40
msgid "Congratulations! Now write a new article with:"
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:43
msgid ""
"<strong>Keyword Research and Analysis</strong>: find the keywords that are "
"easier to rank for."
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:44
msgid ""
"<strong>SEO Live Assistant</strong>: Your Wordpress gives you SEO adivce as "
"you type your article."
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:45
msgid ""
"<strong>Inspiration box</strong>: get images you can use for free, tweets "
"you can quote and get up to date with latest news about your subject."
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocklogin.php:46
msgid ""
"<strong>Article Rank</strong>: Measure and Monitor the impact of SEO and "
"Social Signals for each of your articles."
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_Blockresearch.php:2
msgid "Squirrly Keyword Research"
msgstr "Recherche de mots clés Squirrly"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blockresearch.php:3
msgid "Clear"
msgstr "Effacer"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blockresearch.php:9
msgid "Keyword:"
msgstr "Mot clé:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blockresearch.php:11 themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:23
msgid "Use this keyword"
msgstr "Utilisez le mot-clé suivent"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blockresearch.php:20
msgid "+ Add keyword"
msgstr "+ Ajouter un mot clé"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blockresearch.php:21
msgid "Do the research"
msgstr "Faites des recherches"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blockresearch.php:24
msgid "Enter even more keywords."
msgstr "Entrez encore plus de mots-clés."

#: themes/default/SQ_Blockresearch.php:25
msgid "Let some keywords for the next time as well!"
msgstr "Laissez quelques mots clés pour la prochaine fois!"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:3
msgid "Optimize for Keyword"
msgstr "Optimiser pour mot-clé"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:10
msgid "Enter a keyword"
msgstr "Entrez un mot-clé"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:10
msgid "for Squirrly Live SEO optimization"
msgstr "pour Squirrly Live SEO optimization"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:22
msgid "Do a research"
msgstr "Effectuer une recherche"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:27
msgid "Enter a keyword above!"
msgstr "Entrez ci-dessus un mot clé!"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:28
msgid "I have more then one keyword!"
msgstr "J'ai plus d'un mot-clé!"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:34
msgid "Images"
msgstr "Images"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:35
msgid "Twitter"
msgstr "Twitter"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:36
msgid "Wiki"
msgstr "Wiki"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:37
msgid "News"
msgstr "News"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:38
msgid "Blogs"
msgstr "Blogs"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:39
msgid "My articles"
msgstr "Mes articles"

#: themes/default/SQ_Blocksearch.php:44
msgid "Show only Copyright Free images"
msgstr "Afficher uniquement des images libres de droits d'auteur "

#: themes/default/SQ_Blockseo.php:3
msgid "Squirrly LIVE SEO assistant"
msgstr "assistant Squirrly LIVE SEO "

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:6
msgid "Go to Profile"
msgstr "Aller sur profil"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:6
msgid "Profile"
msgstr "Profil"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:10
msgid "Support"
msgstr "Support"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:13
msgid "Need Help with Squirrly SEO?"
msgstr "Avez-vous besoin d'aide pour l’optmisation Squirrly SEO?"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:17
msgid "Send Question"
msgstr "Envoyer une Question"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:20 themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:52
msgid "Go to:"
msgstr "Aller sur:"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:20 themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:52
msgid "support page"
msgstr "page de support"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:25
msgid "How was your Squirrly experience today?"
msgstr "Comment ça s’est passé avec votre Squirrly aujourd'hui?"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:32
msgid "How was Squirrly today?"
msgstr "Comment était Squirrly aujourd'hui?"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:45
msgid "Please tell us why?"
msgstr "S'il vous plaît dites nous pourquoi?"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:48
msgid "Send feedback"
msgstr "Envoyez vos commentaires"

#: themes/default/SQ_BlockSupport.php:57
msgid "Thank you! You can send us a happy face tomorow too."
msgstr "Merci! Demain aussi vous pouvez nous envoyer un smiley "

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:4
msgid "Squirrly settings"
msgstr "Réglages Squirrly"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:4 themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:332
msgid "Save settings"
msgstr "Sauvegarder les réglages"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:15
msgid "Let Squirrly automatically optimize my blog"
msgstr "Laissez automatiquement Squirrly optimiser mon Blog"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:29
msgid "What does Squirrly automatically do for SEO?"
msgstr "Que fait Squirrly pour le référencement automatiquement?"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:45
msgid "Add <strong>canonical</strong> link in home page"
msgstr "Ajouter <strong>canonique</strong> lien sur la page d'accueil"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:62
msgid "Add the <strong>XML Sitemap</strong> for search engines"
msgstr "Ajouter <strong> Plan du site XML </strong> lien sur la page d'accueil"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:79
msgid ""
"Add the required METAs for home page (<strong>icon, author, language, dc "
"publisher</strong>, etc.)"
msgstr ""
"Ajouter les metas requises pour la page d'accueil (<strong> icône, auteur, "
"langue, dc éditeur </strong>, etc.)"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:96
msgid ""
"Add the <strong>favicon</strong> and the <strong>icon for Apple devices</"
msgstr ""
"Ajouter <strong>favicon</strong> et le <strong>icon pour des appareils Apple "

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:113
msgid ""
"Add the <strong>Facebook meta objects</strong> for a good looking share. "
msgstr ""
"Ajouter <strong> objects meta de Facebook </strong> pour une belle "

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:130
msgid "Add the <strong>Twitter card</strong> in your tweets. "
msgstr "Ajouter <strong>Twitter card</strong> dans vos tweets."

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:131
msgid "Your twitter account: "
msgstr "Votre compte twitter:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:141
msgid "First page optimization (Title, Description, Keywords)"
msgstr "Optimisation de la page d'accueil (Titre, Description, Mots-clés)"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:157
msgid "Add the correct <strong>title</strong> in the home page"
msgstr "Ajouter un <strong>titre</strong> correct sur la page d'accueil"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:174
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Add the correct <strong>description</strong> and <strong>keywords</strong> "
"in home page"
msgstr ""
"Ajouter une <strong>déscription</strong> et</strong> mots-clés </strong> "
"corrects dans toutes les pages"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:190
msgid "Auto"
msgstr "Auto"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:192
msgid "Custom"
msgstr "Personnalisé"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:195
#, fuzzy
msgid "Home page SEO optimization"
msgstr "pour Squirrly Live SEO optimization"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:200
msgid "Title:"
msgstr "Titre:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:201
msgid "Tips: Length 10-75 chars"
msgstr "Conseils: Longueur 10-75 caractères"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:204
msgid "Description:"
msgstr "Déscription:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:205
msgid "Tips: Length 70-165 chars"
msgstr "Conseils: Longueur 70-165 caractères"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:208
msgid "Keywords:"
msgstr "Mots-clés:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:209
msgid "Tips: 2-4 keywords"
msgstr "Conseils: 2-4 mots-clés:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:220
msgid "Check with google ..."
msgstr "Vérifiez avec Google..."

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:223
msgid ""
"If you don't see any changes in custom optimization, check if another SEO "
"plugin affects Squirrly SEO"
msgstr ""
"Si vous ne voyez pas de changements dans l'optimisation personnalisée, "
"assurez-vous qu’aucun autre plugin d’optimisation n’affecte Squirrly SEO"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:233
msgid "Squirrly Options"
msgstr "Options de Squirrly"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:242
msgid "Let Squirrly warn me if there are errors related to SEO settings"
msgstr "Laissez Squirrly me prévenir des erreurs liées aux réglages SEO"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:253
msgid ""
"Show <strong>\"Enter a keyword\"</strong> bubble when posting a new article."
msgstr ""
"Montrer la bulle <strong>\"Entrez un mot-clé\"</strong>  avant de poster un "
"nouvel article"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:264
msgid ""
"Always show <strong>Keyword Informations</strong> about the selected keyword."
msgstr ""
"Toujours afficher <strong>des informations </strong> sur le mot-clé "

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:275
msgid ""
"Let Squirrly inform me about the progress of my <strong>Wordpress site</"
msgstr ""

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:283
msgid "Change the Website Icon"
msgstr "Modifier l'icône du site"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:286
msgid "File types: JPG, JPEG, GIF and PNG."
msgstr "Types de fichiers: JPG, JPEG, GIF et PNG."

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:289
msgid "Upload file:"
msgstr "Charger un fichier:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:294
msgid "Upload"
msgstr "Charger"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:298
#, php-format
msgid ""
"You can use %shttp://convertico.com/%s to convert your photo to icon and "
"upload it here after that."
msgstr ""
"Vous pouvez utiliser %shttp://convertico.com/%s pour convertir votre photo "
"en icône et la charger ici."

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:299
msgid ""
"If you don't see the new icon in your browser, empty the browser cache and "
"refresh the page."
msgstr ""
"Si vous ne voyez pas la nouvelle icône dans votre navigateur, vider son "
"cache et actualisez la page."

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:303
msgid "Tool for Search Engines"
msgstr "Outils pour les moteurs de recherche"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:307
msgid "Google Plus URL:"
msgstr "Google Plus URL:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:311
#, php-format
msgid "Google META verification code for %sWebmaster Tool%s`:"
msgstr "Code de vérification Google META pour %sWebmaster Tool%s`:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:315
#, php-format
msgid "Google  %sAnalytics ID%s`:"
msgstr "Google %sAnalytics ID%s`:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:319
#, php-format
msgid "Facebook META code (for %sInsights%s )`:"
msgstr "Code de Facebook META (pour %saperçus%s )`:"

#: themes/default/SQ_Menu.php:323
#, php-format
msgid "Bing META code (for %sWebmaster Tool%s )`:"
msgstr "Code Bing META (poor %sWebmaster Tool%s )`:"

#~ msgid "Can not connect to Squirrly. Error: "
#~ msgstr "Impossible de se connecter à Squirrly. erreur:"