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Feature: Team360

Business Success Starts With a Successful Team

With a holistic understanding of your team’s performance over time, you can improve efficiency, recognize top performers, and set targets for team improvement to boost retention and help your team excel.

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Key Insights

Enhance Your Understanding

Team360 is designed to provide a holistic view of how your team is working, in addition to what your team is working on.

Get a real-time view of current work in progress to understand your team's current capacity and see which projects are being worked on. 

Address bottlenecks and slowdowns before they derail your sprints, with configurable alerts and instant visibility into high-risk work.

Connect to your project management tools to gain insight into progress towards project goals and ensure your team is focused on the most important initiatives. 

Prepare for coaching sessions and set actionable goals with a visual summary of a developer’s technical toolbox, as well as insight into how skills are trending over time. 

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