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Out Now: 10 Metrics Every CTO Needs to Know [ebook]

Out Now: 10 Metrics Every CTO Needs to Know [ebook]


The most successful engineering leaders incorporate objective data into their leadership strategies. Numbers can’t substitute for a CTO’s experience and instincts, but when it comes to decision-making, leaders can use metrics in software engineering to inform their decisions and align with stakeholders. 

Different leaders optimize for a different set of metrics depending on company priorities and the needs of their engineering teams. Yet, if you’re introducing metrics to your team, or refining your approach to metrics, there are key measurements worth considering.

Code Climate has worked with startups and enterprises alike, and over time we’ve identified metrics that prove highly valuable to organizations. In this ebook, we highlight the top 10 metrics, plus why they matter and how they can be used. 

You’ll Also Find:

  • How to apply metrics correctly and effectively
  • Indicators of common bottlenecks, and suggestions for resolving them
  • How to improve your team’s Time to Market

To find out which 10 metrics you need to know, download the ebook


Actionable metrics for engineering leaders.

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