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Used by over 100,000 projects, and analyzing over 2 billion lines of code daily, Code Climate incorporates fully-configurable test coverage and maintainability data throughout the development workflow, making quality improvement explicit, continuous, and ubiquitous.

Founded in 2011 by Bryan Helmkamp and Noah Davis.

Series A led by Union Square Ventures in 2016.

155 W 23rd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY, 10011
Alexandra paredes

Alexandra Paredes


Alexandra was born and raised in Venezuela, lived for a couple of years in Florida and a couple of months ago she moved to New York. She studied Computer Science and that's where her passion for software engineering started. She has a crazy sweet tooth so anything sweet (especially chocolate related) will make her happy.

Bryan helmkamp

Bryan Helmkamp


The creativity of Bryan's coworkers has finally forced him to replace his corporate speak bio. At Code Climate, he holds the records for taking the site down accidentally the most times and also having written the most code in that had to be rewritten later because it was horribly broken. As a converted New Yorker, he aspires to someday be able to cook like David Chang and mix cocktails like Phil Ward.

Chris hulton

Chris Hulton


Beginning with his TI-83 calculator, Chris has written software across a variety of languages and frameworks and found one constant: the need for robust, reliable code. When not honing his programming chops, he enjoys playing guitar, watching baseball, and wandering around Brooklyn.

Dave henton

Dave Henton


Dave handles Customer Success for Code Climate. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, he now lives in Brooklyn where he splits his time between riding his bike, growing tomatoes, and reading the news.

Emily fueger

Emily Fueger


With roots in the red clay soil of Georgia, Emily’s an aspiring minimalist and supporter of tech by day. Always on the lookout for the harmony between languages (German, music, tech, art), and quality of life, her latest inspirations include motorcycles, guitars, and the genius that is British comedy.

Filipe esperandio

Filipe Esperandio


Fred creech

Fred Creech

Customer Success

Heather salinas

Heather Salinas


Isabella gatdula

Isabella Gatdula


Jenna smith

Jenna Smith

Customer Success

A native of the City of Brotherly Love, Jenna now happily calls New York home. She's a people person and passionate problem solver, which is probably just as well, given her role as Code Climate’s Customer Experience Lead. Jenna’s spare time is spent indulging her oenophilia, wanderlust, and adorable canine companion.

Jessica koenig

Jessica Koenig


Jp castano

JP Castano


Lindsay bongo

Lindsay Bongo


Margaret ma

Margaret Ma


Max jacobson

Max Jacobson


Max grew up in the suburbs of New York and is still excited to live in the city. After college he wanted to be a screenwriter, but didn’t love the available tools, so he tried to make a better one, and then just became a programmer instead. When he’s not writing code, he likes to go to fun vegetarian restaurants and see comedy shows.

Nico snyder

Nico Snyder


Nico handles sales and accounts at Code Climate. When he's not on the phone you can find him eating Japanese food and dreaming of his next trip to Tokyo.

Noah davis

Noah Davis

Customer Success

Noah wrote a program once to catalog his parents' LaserDisc collection. LaserDiscs did not catch on, but the programming part stuck. He's dabbled in a half dozen different languages, worked in and attempted to rescue many codebases with unpublishable GPAs and has been an active contributor to open source software (especially[Oink](https://github.com/noahd1/oink)). He has since replaced his LaserDisc collection with Blue Ray discs, which are totally going to catch on.

Noah portes chaikin

Noah Portes Chaikin


Noah was tweaking computers in the basement of his childhood home before he could speak coherent English - seriously. His notable engineering "features" are fluency in a slew of stacks and languages and a propensity to dance at his desk. When not authoring meticulously-crafted code, he can be found biking aimlessly around his native city or satisfying his inner political junkie.

Sasha rezvina

Sasha Rezvina


Scott larkin

Scott Larkin


Scott became curious about Python while working around a team of data scientists and hasn’t looked back. He likes to think of himself as the foremost hummus aficionado on the entire eastern seaboard. He also likes to think that he’s a pretty good juggler, but has yet to graduate to four objects and has broken more things while juggling than he likes to admit.

Sheri bolling

Sherianne Bolling


Sheri is all about developing client relationships with her easy explanations of complex products and ability to listen to client needs. A graduate of Dev Bootcamp, she is highly motivated and strives to make a positive impact using technology. Both a fitness and dog enthusiast, she likes to spend her free time in nature and traveling.

Will fleming

Will Fleming


Will Fleming was raised with a policy of benign neglect & access to the family IBM 386. As a consequence, he has a healthy fear of exposed wiring & untested code. When he's not in front of a computer, he can often be found wandering in the woods.

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